kelowna house for sale

There were days when you only needed to put up a “for sale” sign and your house would be sold. A few open houses would just be enough to land you a potential homebuyer. But those days are behind us now. In their place, information technology has introduced new ways that you could not have imagined a few years back.

For your heads up, here are home selling trends that will dominate the Kelowna real estate listings market in 2018 and the future:

Automated home marketing

Real estate professionals must real be shaken by this prospect. Home sellers will be able to create and manage sales information and channel it to potential buyers. For instance, it will be possible to perform repetitive tasks such as posting a blog, programming and sending social media messages and sending newsletter to would-be buyers.

How will a seller know whom to target? It is piece-of-cake easy. Customer information and preferences will be obtained from relationship management software (CRM). With this software, you can easily identify customers based on their neighborhood preference or the kind of home they are looking for.

According to Aberdeen Group, an American research company, real estate firms that use automation have seen a whopping 53% increase to their conversion rates. The better part is that you do not have to be a programmer; tools like Hootsuite and Mailchimp make it easy for anyone.

Social platforms will make your property more visible

You probably know this but to what extent you do not: social media is at the center of what happens in real estate. You have a chance to keep your contacts updated on your sale. Your real estate agent will also be busy updating his or her clients. As the days go by, the posts, “reposts”, “shares” and “likes” create a saga story and hopefully one that ends well for you.

Videos will be the most preferred way of sale

The idea of virtual reality is still a marginal one but in its place, video will be the king of home selling. Today, videos are the daily rage on social media. In fact, Facebook confirmed that more than 100 million users are watching property videos on their website. It is no wonder Mark Zuckerberg predicts Facebook’s content to be pure video by 2020.

Videos are not only great at showing your house rooms, they capture the neighborhood too. With more video technologies set to be released in 2018, you can only expect videos to dominate the real estate industry.

3D viewing and virtual reality will be a game changer

It will no longer be necessary for buyers to physically visit the property they intend to buy. With 3D and virtual reality, it will be possible to view every small detail of each room of the home you want to buy. This will be helpful for buyers who want to relocate to another city and they do not have the time to travel for house viewing.

Groundbreaking trends are coming into real estate. You will only need to press a few strokes on computer keyboard and Jove, your home is sold!