Mulching is one way to maintain the optimal health and attractiveness of your landscape. When the soil is healthy, more plants will grow that are bigger, stronger and last longer. The procedure of buying and applying mulch is simple and affordable. Review the main benefits of bark mulch and blowing mulch services.

Mulch: A Natural Improvement to Landscaping

Bark mulch is made of bark from trees with the most common being cedar, fir and hemlock. It consists of wood chips that do not resemble soil or blend into the ground. The features of the Valley Blowers Kelowna Blow in mulch depends on those of the tree species. This type of mulch is easy to maintain with no need for water or other nutrients like soil. It’s used mainly to hinder the growth of weeds, cover playgrounds and decorate yards.

Mulch is designed to improve soil by maintaining a healthy pH, retaining moisture and preventing erosion of land. Water is retained in the soil and prevented from evaporating. Plants have to be watered less and remain healthy for long periods of time.

Mulch Blowing Service

Large amounts of mulch are purchased and delivered to the site in a truck. A bark blower is used to spread the chips all over the designated area. Like leaf blowers or planters, blowers are easier to use and more efficient than hand tools like rakes. Blowing is faster, and the results are more even and consistent over a wide area.

A mulch blowing service is recommended for commercial businesses and large residential homes. It’s used to apply mulch under large trees or plants, over large playgrounds and alongside long walkways. The mulch is released from a hose or from the back or side of a truck. In the past, people used shovels and pitchforks to spread the mulch around. The blower saves the property owner many hours of time and effort. Not every landscape has mulch, but you’ll notice this feature whenever you see it. Mulch enhances the look of the yard and provides an ample supply of nutrients to last the entire season. In addition, a blow in mulch service includes a delivery to your yard and then a professional uses a machine to spread the material around evenly. There are plenty of tips on how you should apply the mulch, when to do it and how to prevent common problems. For now, contact Valley Blowers to see how we can help you make the most of your investment