Top Things To Consider – Install Carpet Or Timber Flooring?


Are you in the middle of deciding which flooring option to go with? If so, you are going to want to consider the different things that might impact you depending on the decision you ultimately go with when choosing between install carpet or timber flooring.

Install Carpet Or Timber Flooring?

1. The Overall Value Of The Property.

If you are looking at installing new flooring on your property, you want to consider the overall value of your property. Timber flooring is going to be much more costly than carpeting. Because of this, you want to reserve timber flooring for higher end budgets and properties that already have a high market value. Any high market value property or home should have high-end floors to match. If you were to install carpeting in a high-value property, it would simply detract from the overall marketability and value of your home. Thus, you should use your overall property value to determine whether or not it is worth the cost increase to install timber on your property.

2. The Location Of Your Property.

Another big thing that you are going to want to consider when you are trying to choose between the two would be the overall location of your property. You want to try to include the location of the property in your determination because some locations are going to call for timber and some might be best suited for carpeting. For instance, if you are looking for flooring options and you are located in an extremely humid climate, you might want to avoid timber flooring altogether. The problem with high humid environments is that timber floors tend to expand which can cause your floors to crack in extremely humid conditions. Therefore, if you are looking for better flooring alternatives for humid environments, it might be best to settle for carpeting. While even carpeting isn’t the ideal choice for humid environments, it is going to be a better option than hardwood.

3. What Will The Room Be Used For?

Another big thing that you are going to want to consider when you are looking to choose whether or not to opt for carpet or hardwood is the overall function of the room. You want to figure out what your room is going to be used for because it will dictate whether or not one is a superior option over the other. For instance, if you are going to be looking for flooring for your kitchen, you will want to go with timber every single time. Carpeting should never be used for the kitchen because you will likely be consistently spilling things and it simply will not look good. Whereas, if you are looking for the ideal flooring type for an entertainment center, it might be better to opt for carpeting due to its ability to provide better acoustics and to insulate sound. Along with this, if you have a room that has poor all around insulation, it might benefit from carpet installation because it provides more insulation than timber floors.

Overall, there is a lot that you are going to want to consider and factor into the equation when you are looking to install carpet or hardwood flooring. By following the tips above and considering everything involved, you should be able to make better and more informed decisions regarding which flooring type to utilize. For Kelowna homes choosing the right flooring type is crucial to get the most out of the room and to provide more value to your property in general. Therefore, you will want to consider everything that can go into determining the overall outcome of the decision, so you can pick out the right option for each room.