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Stratacare Australia – who are they?

They are a top rated body corporate management firm that has been offering a wide range of high quality services for many years.  Stratacare Australia has offices in 2 different geographical locations, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. This gives them the capacity of harnessing extensive knowledge and experience of the industry, something which most of their competitors are incapable of doing.

Over the years, they have become one of the top rated body corporate management organisations in Australia because of various reasons. Some of them are explained below.

1. Proactive team that comprises of portfolio managers and support systems.

2. Automated system for managing debts and debtors.

3. Significant investment in technological systems and training.

4. Bulk utilities service that offers substantial savings on electricity and other utilities.

5. Efficient system that allows clients to examine scheme records, update details and even pay fees.

6. An in-house team of specialists who offer services that can enable clients grow their money, such as banking, brokerage and insurance.

7. Clients can access a database of reliable contractors.

8. Provision of services after normal office hours.

9. Responsive maintenance teams.

Property portfolio

Stratacare Australia customises its services to fulfill clients’ unique needs across a wide range of property types. They include residential, retirement villages, community title, resorts, company title, retail, mixed use as well as commercial property.

Core services

This top rated body corporate management giant provides exceptional services that can be classified into four broad categories:

1. Strata management

2. Property development services

3. Facilities management

4. Receivables management

1. Strata management

The organisation has skilled and experienced strata professionals that help clients in the coordination and management of administrative functions, maintenance of property as well as financial control.

With regard to administrative functions, Stratacare employs strata managers with in-depth expertise, skills and networks that enable them to offer specialised services.

Regarding financial control, the firm helps to collect, account for and disburse funds both transparently and diligently.

Pertaining to property maintenance, Stratacare’s team ensures proper maintenance of buildings as well as common areas.

2. Property development services

The top rated organisation offers the following range of services: guidance on both present and emerging industry best practices, fast-tracking the issuance of settlement certificates, preparation of budgets and levies for projects, managing tenders (including aspects like scope of work and sourcing for suppliers), guidance on owner responsibility as well as project configuration, guidance on insuring projects and liaising with credible insurance cover providers, reviewing regulations and their implications as well as providing suggestions on how to future- proof files, among other property development services.

3. Facilities management

Stratacare Australia’s clients always have peace in their minds with the knowledge that a team of reliable building management professionals is taking care of their property. The team ensures smooth and efficient running of operations by anticipating problem areas, maximising cost efficiencies, using proactive risk management to protect clients’ investments and ensuring quality management.

The facilities management division is further broken down into three:

a. Building Management

b. Estate Management

c. Building Facilities Management

4. Receivables Management

Stratacare Australia closely works with other service providers to provide clients with high quality and reliable receivables management solutions. They are renowned for providing exceptional services through personalised attention, great results and expert advice.

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